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Things are really revving up now. We're brimming with ideas, have a fabulous amount of stock and the creative input is ongoing. We have done our first few wedding fairs and  people were really excited by our display and the opportunity it gave them to create their own rustic wedding.   I think we are the first people to offer such a comprehensive range of rustic products all from the one source. Not to mention the fact that we are determined to offer the best customer service possible. We have set up a showroom at our old chapel in Lancashire and have already had our first customers over to have a chat and peruse our stock, all over a cup of tea/coffee. Our in-house children's perspective advisor is on the job, advising what children would like to have at a wedding, down to the perfect selection of sweets and we are also accommodating requests for beautiful, high-quality bunting and wedding favours. It's really exciting to have the interaction with customers and listen to their ideas which we are delighted to chat about. People who have visited the showroom have been very surprised at the low costs which we are going to maintain as we have our own logging business and we have managed to keep overheads to an absolute minimum. Come and see us - you'll love us!  Or if you live at a distance but would like more details, phone us and have a chat about your ideas. 



 Our latest addtion:  fantastic pallet wood wall dressing to embellish with foliage, pictures, personalised script, etc.  Ask for details on 07977 478644

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